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Arabic School for Foreigners

Courses in Spoken and Media Arabic

The Palestinian Arabic Institute, in cooperation with Bethlehem University and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Moin B. Halloun (Department of Arabic, chairperson, director of the Brother Vincent Malham Center) offers different courses in Arabic Language, especially designed for Foreigners.

The courses are given as intensive courses (60 academic hours) and non-intensive courses (30 academic hours) throughout the year.

For details, dates and questions please contact us (Prof. Dr. Moin Halloun, Director, or Ms. Muna Sleibi, Program Coordinator, at Tel. +972 2 275 51 60).

We are happy to assist your requests.

Program Details | July 2014 Spoken Arabic | August 2014 Media Arabic (MSA) | Download Flyer


Prof. Dr. Moin Halloun



For courses in Bethlehem:

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