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Job Opportunities at Bethlehem University


JOB Announcement

The Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability (PIBS) and the Palestine Museum of Natural History at Bethlehem University seeks to fill the position of an Agricultural Specialist.

Job Title: Agricultural Specialist

Deadline for application: 17 December 2018 via job form with the needed attachments to

Job Start Date: 1 January 2019

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The position offered will form part of the team for “Biodiversity Conservation and Community Development in Al-Makhrour Valley in Bethlehem Governorate, Palestineproject that will be implemented at AL Makhrour area and four villages adjacent (Beit Jala, Husan, Battir and Al Walaja). This is a two years and 7 months project started on the 1st of September 2018 and ending on the 31st of March 2021.  The agricultural specialist will deal with:

  • Project partners including ICP, Byspokes and PCC,
  • The project collaborators such as the village councils of targeted villages/cities,
  • The project committees,
  • The Farmers.

The agricultural specialist will support the project management in administering and organizing the project activities under the agriculture program at Al Makhrour area in Bethlehem Governorate in Palestine. In addition, he will be responsible for working closely with the project manager on the agriculture program of the project, to prepare action plans, including resources, timeframes. Moreover, he will also assist in various coordinating tasks, like schedule and risk management along with administrative duties, like maintaining project documentation, monitoring, evaluation of duties such as conducting field monitoring and inspection visits and producing reports.

Job Description

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • To ensure that the agriculture program within the project is completed on time, within budget and meet high quality standards.
  • To ensure quality implementation of project agriculture activities in relevance to the project plan template.
  • To help the project management supervise all activities under agriculture program implemented at Al-Makhrour site.
  • To collect regular data about the progress of the work.
  • To analyze and discuss findings with project management and staff.
  • To produce progress and final reports for the agricultural program.


Specific Responsibilities

  • Help project manager coordinate project activities, resources, equipment and information related to the agriculture program of the project.
  • Liaise with the local agricultural committees and local councils on the implementation of the agricultural activities of the project.
  • Organize and manage the farmers’ selection process and maintain documentation in coordination with the project management, local agricultural committees, and local councils,
  • Assist project management purchase and distribute agricultural inputs and supervise the installation of agricultural inputs and cultivation of diverse summer and winter vegetable crops at selected farms under optimum sustainable conditions.
  • Conduct training sessions for best sustainable farming practices, and other topics, supported with educational material, training evaluation, and gender inclusion.
  • Prepare the follow up periodic evaluation reports; to measure impact of the project for vegetables production and income generation / food self-sufficiency, specifically for the sustainable agriculture intervention.
  • Analyze risks and opportunities.
  • Help project management monitor agricultural program progress and handle any issues that arise, including conducting field monitoring and inspection visits to the selected farms.
  • Ensure standards and requirements are met through conducting quality assurance tests.
  • Any other tasks might be requested by the project manager.



BSc. or equivalent degree in agriculture or related field and no less than 4 years’ experience in relevant field

Experience and Skills

  • Experience in projects relevant to the fields of biodiversity, traditional sustainable farming, eco-tourism, business enterprises, capacity building and outreach.
  • Experience in training, and managing training programs and workshops in agriculture field.
  • Knowledge and skills on best traditional farming practices.
  • Communication and teamwork skills.
  • Familiarity with quality assurance control.
  • Experience of conducting research.
  • Experience of organizing lesson-learning sessions.
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft programs.
  • Writing and communication skills.
  • Valid driving license.

Reports to:  PIBS- BU project manager


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