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Department of English

14  March 2014

Denes Assad, performs, inspires and teaches the art of storytelling at BU

Denes Assad, a professional Palestinian hakawati (storyteller) performs, inspires and teaches the art of storytelling at Bethlehem University. The English Department at Bethlehem University organized Denes’s visit to campus on March 7, 2014 as part of the Department’s efforts to expose students to new experiences that will enrich their education.

Denes gave a workshop to the SAT/ English students of Ms. Paola Handal and Mr. William Trevor Safford on the “Art of Storytelling” which was informative as much as it was motivational. Students learnt a valuable lesson emphasized by Denes throughout the workshop that “being a Hakawati means taking off all of your masks and being yourself”.

Denes’s passion clearly showed not only when she spoke about her love for stories but also when she showed the students how to tell stories in the classroom in a way that will inspire their future students.



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