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Department of English

Faculty Member Attends PCELT International Conference

Ms. Rima Dabdoub, a PCELT Licensed trainer, participated at the PCELT (Professional Certificate in English Language Teaching) Regional Meeting that took place in Amman, Jordan earlier this month.

Ms. Dabdoub received the Teacher Training Certificate in August 2013 in recognition of successfully completing the requirements to become a licensed trainer for the Professional Certificate in English Language Teaching Course.

World Learning/SIT Graduate institute is the oldest provider of the Masters of Arts in TESOL in the United States.

AMIDEAST and World Learning/SIT Graduate institute have partnered to offer a unique TESOL certificate program. Blending international best practices with the real needs of teachers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, PCELT is a 120-hour certificate program offered to schoolteachers in the region.

The participants arriving from nine different countries met to discuss issues of teaching and learning. The workshop, which extended over the course of three days, covered four major parts: General Sessions, Context-Based Workshops, PCELT Component Sessions, and Professional Development.

As part of the Context-Based Workshops, Ms. Dabdoub conducted a workshop on SARSing (select-adapt-reject-supplement) Palestinian Textbooks.

In addition, Ms. Dabdoub facilitated a discussion on Teacher Trainer Inquiry as part of the professional development workshops related to the PCELT trainer community and ongoing development.

“Such meetings and workshops allow participants to hear about the developments in the field, current issues in theory and practice, similar challenges that other educators from different countries share,” Ms. Dabdoub said.  

Ms. Dabdoub also emphasized the significance of such talks and workshops as they encourage discussions and exchanges amongst participants while offering “the PCELTers with the self-development opportunity that allows all participants to reflect on their practices, share experiences with others, and dialogue about common topics of interest.”

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