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24 March 2014

A Virtual Bridge between Bethlehem and Kathmandu

The second week of March 2014 Prof. Fadi Kattan, Director of MICAD Programme, and Mr. Luigi Bisceglia, VIS Country Representative in Palestine, had a short mission to Nepal in order to meet with colleagues and students of the Masters Programme in Cooperation and Development – MICAD offered by the  Mid-Western University in Kathmandu.

Prof. Kattan taught the second year students  a 10 hour module on Project Accounting and Financial Management and he participated, together with Prof.  Suresh Pradhan and Mr. Luigi Bisceglia in a seminar on the Development Cooperation issues in the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Prof. Kattan had a warm meeting with Prof. Padam Lal Devkota, the Vice-Chancellor of the Mid-Western University which was the first step to establish a fruitful collaboration with Bethlehem University.

This visit was also an occasion to strengthen the cooperation among the members of the Cooperation and Development Network  - CDN,  through the exchange of Faculty members.


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