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Bethlehem University

Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences

Qubeibeh Nursing Program


Qubeibeh village is located 11 km to northwest of the Holy city of Jerusalem. A small village with around 3800 inhabitants. Qubeibeh is one of 13 villages located in the area and named “Northwest of Jerusalem”, it is surrounded and isolated with the separation wall created by the Israeli occupation which added a bigger load to the daily suffering of the Palestinians living in the area.

Many times, between the years 2000 till 2008, no one could get out of the area to reach Jerusalem or even Ramallah the nearest cities to the area. The whole civil life was suspended. Mobility, access to civil services and even social life were all affected as a result of the presumed siege on whole area.

Just like other areas in Palestine, people had to live day by day, no plan could work were all factors were variable. Roadblocks were another story to tell. Emergency cases and patients had to be moved between two ambulances one on each side or the roadblock that is if the soldiers allowed that to happen. Education was also affected, students had to travel distances and even live dorms just to manage their studying.

The Salvatorian Sisters (SDS) lived in Qubeibeh for decades, they shared peoples suffering and had to manage as well. The community is running an old age nursing home for old ladies. They helped the poor and the marginalized in the local community and employed a number of the women from the locals so they can afford the living to their families. Through the critical period, they tried to expand the number of beneficiaries by giving the chance to women to generate income by had sawing few pieces.

In 2006, the SDS sisters had the idea of developing their services with the locals by creating a higher educational institution in the area not only to serve the young men and women, but also to work with them to be productive members in their families. A feasibility study was carried and revealed the need for nurses who can contribute to the advancement of the health services and health awareness between the inhabitants.

The joint efforts and the strategic cooperation with Bethlehem University amongst other partners (DVHL and MISEREOR) brought Qubeibeh Nursing Program or QNP (shortly) to life in August 2007 with first classes held. Now after 10 years of continuous success with almost 100 graduate and more than 90% of them employed at least in one position, QNP continues to develop its role in nursing education by implementing and following the wise steps and guidelines of Bethlehem University. QNP also works now as a health information reference in the area around Qubeibeh to benefit the different segments of the local community i.e. schools population, minorities and the marginalized, women and children. QNP will continue to serve.

Activities and community health education

Every year, since the inception of QNP, the program carried out a number of activities targeting different members of the local community with the focus on health concern issues. There were no previous detailed studies applied in the area to provide and lead the program and direct the planning of the activities.

The locally commissioned evaluation of QNP carried out in 2014/2015 shed the light on the importance of meeting the needs of the local community upon recognizing those needs. Evaluation findings also provided a short and long term recommendations which included carrying out a mapping survey in Qubeibeh area of Healthcare providers as a tool to discover community needs and the fishing opportunities for possible cooperation.

The evaluation is considered a milestone in QNP operation. It created a concrete foundation with guides towards Guided with the evaluation recommendations, QNP created the database needed to direct and lead the planning and cooperation process. It also put the program on a leading position to become a health information reference in the area.

Following are major activities which were conducted through spring – 2017 semester. The table below represents a summary of the activities:


Activity Name


Target group

#  Bene-ficiaries.

In Cooperation with and Topics, Goals and Achievements


Responding to community needs (Noor Al-Huda School)


School students of the age 12-13 years old

28 persons

Teen ager nutrition & health, First Aid,


Bier Ziet Women Association “women’s day”


Women from Bier Ziet Area

500 persons

In cooperation with Life Care Labs & Bier Ziet Women Association Blood glucose & pressure check.


Community Assessment of Qubeibeh, Beit Annan and Beit Liqya villages.


Assessment of environment, living space and conditions of population groups in certain villages

3 villages

The assessment focuses on health conditions in the targeted areas with recommendations for key persons and responsible to fulfill the needs and gaps.


High School “Tawjeehi” students  promotion of nursing profession and QNP

March, April -2017

Tawjeehi students sitting for the general exam in the area of Qubeibeh.

400 student

In class presentation about the importance of nursing, including exposing the audience to BU-QNP foundation and possibilities of joining the program.


Management Project “Obesity between schools students in the age 11-14 years old”


7th & 8th grade students (teenager) with the tendency for obesity.

70 female student

According to the seminars of Fall 2016, where the study pointed out that 84% of the study population has the tendency for obesity.

The activity held in cooperation with the Directorate Education of Jerusalem Suburbs.


Annual Health day


Members from the local community, parents Schools population,

130 persons

Audience was provided Health information through prepared booths with posters and handouts. Booths covered the following topics: Fruits, beverages and energy drinks, blood pressure and diabetes, compost production, tech addiction and skin beauty care.  The activity was conducted in cooperation with the UN-Clinic in Beit Surik.

Responding to community needs (Noor Al-Huda School)

As mentioned earlier, QNP became a health information reference in the area around Qubeibeh. Noor Al-Huda private school contacted QNP seeking health information to be delivered for teenage student form booth genders.

A team of four senior students volunteered to prepare and deliver a presentation as requested by the school. A discussion was then held to answer questions raised by students.




Another topic covered through the activity was explaining and training on certain First Aid procedures.




The school administration thanked the team and sent a thank you letter to QNP.




  •  Bier Ziet Women Association “Women’s Day”

In the occasion of mother’s day (21/3), Bier Ziet Women Association prepared an activity for women in Bier Ziet area, the activity was held in Bier Ziet Shopping Mall. QNP was invited to join Life Care Lab to participate in the activity.

Wearing their uniforms, three from second year students volunteered and spent the whole day in the activity. 






According to the thank you letter issued by the association, 500 persons attended and participated in the event.







  • Community Assessment of Qubeibeh, Beit Annan and Beit Liqya villages.

In the community nursing course, third year students learn about conducting community assessment. Since the inception of QNP in 2007, every year students and their instructors perform an assessment study of a chosen village. The findings are then presented and communicated with villages council or key persons. 

For this year, Qubeibeh, Beit Anan and Liqya villages were assessed. Presentations of the findings focusing on health concerns were prepared and presented to audience followed by an open discussion. Attended and participated in the presentation head of village councils, students’ parents.



  • Promotion of High School “Tawjeehi” students  towards the nursing profession and joining QNP

QNP works hard on changing the perception about the nursing profession within the area. Experience shows that it can be best achieved by giving the chance to students finishing their high school to find out and discover nursing and QNP as well.


In coordination with the Schools Directorate of Jerusalem Suburbs, four students joined together and prepared a short presentation about nursing and QNP. They then moved from one school to another to in the area.



After each presentation, an open discussion took place to answer inquiries from school students. There were more than 400 students from both genders benefited from this activity.




  • Management Project “Obesity between schools students in the age 11-14 years old”

Through its operation, QNP has developed integration between results of implemented studies/surveys and the activities carried out. One of the seminars of 2016 focused on the relationship between school student’s obesity and lifestyle.

The findings of the study pointed out a huge demand to work on school student’s awareness on this issue. 16% of the random sample (16 students of 100 in total) suffered obesity whereas 84% has the tendency for obesity.


These important results took a priority in QNP spring 2017 semester activity plan. Senior students taking the nursing management course were involved to design an activity to fulfill this gap in school student’s awareness.



The partnership between QNP and the Schools Directorate of Education in Jerusalem Suburbs was put in practice by sharing the seminar findings and asking permissions to facilitate the work of QNP students. 70 students with their mothers were invited to visit QNP site to participate in the activity.



The activity included four stations for the students to pass through.


Reception and BMI measurement station          Visual aid station 


Booths station                                                Sports station

Mothers were given a lecture by a nutritionist focusing on how to change the lifestyle of their children. They also had the chance of discussing special cases and circumstances with the nutritionist.

At the end of the day, participating students received a package including leaflet, step counter device (provided by the directorate of education) a little gift and a healthy dish.

QNP considers many ways of measuring the outcome and evaluation of activities conducted.  For this activity, a random sample from the participants was asked to complete a follow-up form to generate a base data that will be used next year to compare and identify the benefit on the students

  • Annual Health day

The annual health was planned and implemented by third year students and their clinical instructor. Multiple health booths were settled to offer audience health information that helps them enhancing and changing their life style.




Soft drinks booth         BMI, Blood Pressure & Diabetes booth    Reflexology booth 


Homemade compost booth           Smart tech booth              Skin beauty care booth

The activity was conducted in cooperation with the UN-Biet Surik Clink who always ready to participate with QNP. Attended the day more than 130 persons from different segments of the local community, schools population, parents and others. 


QNP over the years has created a momentum for a change in the health awareness level within the local community. The program is offering young men and women from different areas a decent future profession. This is reflected by the high employment rate of the graduates.

Training the students on planning and conducting activities to benefit the local community and raise the awareness about their health is an important tool of enhancing their lives. Another major output is through those activities; students are well introduced, socialized and exposed to locals as future nurses.

Student’s proudness, commitment and belonging to Bethlehem University and to the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences are always the latterly expressed success factors in conducting any activity.

QNP continues to serve the local Palestinian community holding the name of Bethlehem University flag high and honored to be a part of this respectful institution.

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