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How to Get Into Faculty of Nursing and Health Science

Nursing is an ideal profession for people who like to care for others, are devoted, compassionate, enjoy science and have good communication skills. Joining our Nursing faculty will teach you what you need to succeed in this gratifying career

Entry requirements for The Faculty of Nursing and Health Science.

Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (BSN) is competitive and selective, and not all who apply can be accepted. We have limited spaces and focus on recruiting quality candidates to ensure the future standards of our profession.

Criteria of acceptance to the nursing program:

    1. Faculty of nursing only accepts science, humanity and equivalent qualifications which are equivalent to the Tawjihi.
    2. A Tawjihi score for the science stream of above 70 and above 80 for humanities.
    3. Successfully passing the University entrance exam which focuses on English and Math.
    4. Success passes a personal interview.

The application process

Step one: Each student should complete a university application form. After presenting the required documents   to the Registrar obtain a ticket for University Entrance Examinations and an appointment for an interview. The faculty of nursing is interview the students who have nursing as a first choice.

Step two:  Sit for University Entrance Examinations

Step three: One of the faculty requirements is that each student must be aware of and willing to comply with the faculty regulations. Once read this important document needs to be sign by the student and his/her father before attending the interview. This document can be obtained from the registration office with the application form.

Step four: After the entrance exam, the applicant should attend an interview conducted by one of the faculty of nursing. This usually takes place at the faculty of Nursing and Health Science building.

Step five: The list of successful candidates accepted for the program will be published in the local newspapers. Applicants accepted must register on the day(s) indicated.  This includes payment of tuition and fees.

Additional requirements of the program

Students are:

  1. Expected to purchase uniforms (according to the Faculty of Nursing design uniforms) and initial equipment and text books before beginning nursing courses.
  2. Provide their own transportation to clinical placements (Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem and other locations).
  3. Required to pay course fees for each semester that they are enrolled in clinical nursing courses. These fees include mal-practice insurance and health insurance. 
  4. Expected to have all required vaccination according to the hospitals policies.
  5. Expected to have the magnetic card starting from the beginning of the semester.
  6. The Faculty of nursing assigns the clinical placements, the students is obliged to practice where directed.
  7. The students must adhere with all regulations that are in the “Clinical handbook” which is submitted to the students before the start of the clinical training.


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