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Bethlehem University

Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences


Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences – Bethlehem University Ms. Mariam Awad hosted last Friday 18/2/2017 the Deputy of the Palestinian Health Ministry Dr. Asad Ramlawy accompanied with Dr.Ghada Kawa’ The president of Alhusien Governmental Hospital in Beit Jala and Dr. Abeer Habash the Public Relation Director at Alhusien Governmental Hospital. The Meeting also was attended by the faculty of nursing and health sciences members.

The agenda of the meeting was very important and the discussion was also up to that level of importance; and thus the following items were highlighted:

One of the matters that were discussed was the clinical placement of the OT, PT and midwifery students and the obstacles that faced these students during their clinical placements. Most importantly, was the fact that it was agreed to appoint another meeting to find opportunities for the aforementioned students to conduct their clinical placement at governmental sides. 

The meeting also highlighted the direction of the Palestinian Ministry of Health toward the creation of accredited and specialized program specified to treat and deal with the children with Autism. Since the percentage within the Palestinian communities is growing and reaching 1% from the population.

Adding to what have been aforementioned above was the discussion of the mental health; where the ministry is currently focusing on. On the other hand, it is very important to draw the attention to the fact that the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences created an accredited teaching course specialized in mental health from 3 years ago.

Furthermore, the Palestinian Ministry of health is also focusing on Family medicine. And thus the latter is working on created accredited teaching course to be integrated in the nursing curriculum at a national level.

Most importantly was the discussion of the vaccination and the importance for the nursing students to go for medical examinations and take Hepatitis B before entering the hospitals for their clinical placements.

The core of the meeting was the discussion of the importance of the Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing Program that is currently running under the faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences. And Dr. Ramlawy stressed on the importance of such programs; especially because of the need of the Palestinian communities to such specializations and due to the recent execution of the Khaled al Hasan Hospital in Palestine. The latter will be specialized in Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing field and will be in a need to employ around 600 nurses in the aforementioned field. Furthermore, it was agreed to set to create a cooperation strategy in this field between the faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences and the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

After the meeting was done, Ms. Awad accompanied Dr. Ramlayi, Dr. Kawa’ and Dr. Habash to visit the simulation lab (the simulation lab was lately executed at the faculty). The visitors expressed their astonishment in such project and they described it as a (national achievement!) as well as the stressed on the importance of preparing for cooperation to train the medical and nursing pool within the simulation lab the soonest possible.

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