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Bethlehem University

Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences


From the 27th of March to the 31st of March 2017, the students enrolled in the Oncology and palliative Care Nursing High Diploma were exposed to a valuable experience at different oncology wards. Where; they went to AlNajah University Hospital in Nablus to get mentored training at different areas for 2 intensive days as well as they went to Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem for 3 days.

The aforementioned 5 clinical placement days were by Mr. Gerard O’hare from Glasgow. He is a specialist nurse in the field of Oncology with long years of valuable experience at different international Hospitals.

Mr. O’hare was able smoothly to achieve the learning objectives and goals behind the clinical placement mission by nurturing their experience with new skills and techniques needed in the working field, as well as he enriched the program itself with his inputs.

Most importantly, Her Excellency the Mayor of Glasgow Ms. Sadie Docherty generously sent a gift with Mr. O’hare to the students. The gift was about a book for each one of the students entitled “Nursing Patients with Cancer” as well as a gathering lunch at the Institute of Hotel Management at Bethlehem University.




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