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Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences

Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing High Diploma


This week, the faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences – Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing High Diploma hosted three main guests from different countries across the globe to serve and deliver different missions in the fields of Health and Oncology.

Dr. Richard Henry from the UK, came and delivered the first part of the course titled: “Assessment and Intervention in Cancer Nursing”. Where the students were very impressed and interested in the materials delivered as well as the enrolled students highlighted the added value made on their oncology knowledge and experience that they gained from Dr. Henry.

On the other hand, we were honored to host Prof. Dr. Heinrich Koller the president of the ABU, Mr. Hans Stoll at the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences. The latter is a clinical placement nursing specialist; he is specialized in the oncology and Mrs. Erika Burri a managing director at the Association en Faveur de L’Universite (ABU).

A meeting was conducted with Mrs. Mariam Awad the dean of the nursing faculty; where she up-dated them about the current status of the cancer in Palestine, as we as the need to enhance the level of specialization in the health sector especially in the Oncology field. And Ms. Awad stressed on the need of giving the opportunity to at least two nurses to up-grade their knowledge and education through getting a master degree specialized in oncology to serve the current program and maintain its sustainability.

Mr. Hans came to assess the Palestinian oncology and palliative care nursing field in Palestine and the need of creating a “Oncology and Palliative Care” master degree specially for nurses to build a concrete base for the Oncology in Palestine. Mr. Stoll made different field - side assessments as well as meetings with our partners in Beit-Jala Governmental Hospital and in Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem. The assessment done over the past week had started with a meeting with the Dean of the Faculty – Ms. Mariam Awad as well as ended up with a meeting with her in order to keep the mission within the Palestinian context and to serve the latter properly and fulfill the current gap available in the oncology field.

Last but not least, the faculty of Nursing and Ms. Awad, hosted Sr. Silvia from the Presentation Sisters from India in the purpose of delivering a presentation for the Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing High Diploma about the “self-healing”. The presentation reflected the fact that the thoughts the human has, the pain and suffering status that he/she may had and live. Furthermore, Sr. Silvia taught us the breathing technique, the walking technique as well as the fingers hold for emotion drain technique that each one of us should follow in order to live in a good health status at all levels (body, mind and soul).  


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