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Bethlehem University

Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences


A follow up meeting with Dr. Asad Ramlawi – the Deputy of Minister at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Dr. Amal Abu Awad – general Director of Education at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Ms. Mariam Awad the Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences Faculty and Dr. Michael Sansour the Executive Vice President of Bethlehem University was conducted on Friday 21/4/2017 at Bethlehem University.

The follow up-meeting had a very important agenda, where Ms. Mariam Awad after her welcoming word, she gave a feedback about the meeting conducted in Jordan at King Alhusien Cancer Center. Her feedback was focused around the academia issues, while the feedback given by Dr. Amal Abu Awad was concerning the medical services that delivered by the center.

On the Other hand, Dr. Asad Ramlawi insisted on the fact that by 2020 Khaled Alhasan Hospital will be ready to serve the Palestinian Community and will be in a need to 600 qualified / specialized nurses in the field of Oncology. Moreover and most importantly is the fact that Dr. Ramlawi selected Bethlehem University to be the certified academic source to graduate nurses specialized in Oncology and Palliative Care. As well as he suggested to open a branch in AlQbeibeh specialized in Oncology to increase and motivate more nurses to get a certified certificate in Oncology.

From the side of Ms. Mariam Awad, she promised to convert the high diploma program in Oncology and Palliative Care to a master degree.


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