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Success Story- Oncology Students at glasgow- Clinical Placement Training 

My name is Bilal Awad I am Registered Nurse, I am Student of High Diploma in Oncology & Palliative Care at Bethlehem University.
One of the main requirements in the High Diploma  in Bethlehem University is to do clinical training, My clinical training was in Glasgow, Iam very happy because I got the opportunity to travel to Glasgow.
I Had  set many goals, such as to have a new experience and to see a new culture, to know how the Oncology Nurses works in Glasgow- Scotland-United Kingdom.
I Do Training in Many Hospitals: The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Vale of Leaven Hospital, Marrie Curie Hospice, The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, The Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow,Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
I Went to United Kingdom-Scotland-Glasgow City for  a clinical placement in this Hospitals from 01/10/2018 to 12/10/2018.

The Practicing in several words added me much Knowledge and Experience for me as a Nurse,as to see how the care is delivered, the types of equipment and chemotherapy treatments and how we can deliver such High-Quality Care in Palestine for Cancer Patients.
I practised at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Center at Macmillan word, where active treatments take place. I gained knowledge about several types of chemotherapy and how education is delivered for patients with their conditions, chemotherapy, side effects and other treatments,and i observe aprocedure of PICC Line Insertion.
I practiced in Clinics of Breast/Lung Cancer to Observe alot of cases to gain Knowledge.
I Observe how to prepare Patients for Radiotheraby and see the control room for give radiotheraby.
I practiced in Mary Curie Hospice, which is a wonderful place to gain experience and knowledge regarding palliative care and living with cancer. There are things that draw my attention how each patient’s case is discussed by the multidisciplinary team as to deliver the highest quality for each individual. I also practised in words, and how pain is controlled via Pump Machine and the use of several medications.

 I joined the community nurse over there in the home visits and I saw what kind of services and care the nurse delivers and how to educate patients and family and to care for them while being in their own homes. They also offer relaxation programs for palliative and cancer patients that are delivered by trained nurses.
I also spent a day at Maggie’s centre which is a place for cancer patients and their families where they can be relaxed and have relaxations sessions.
The other hospital that I practised in was Vale of leven Hispital, where the nurse Gerry Ohare helpe me in explaining how the Specialized Nurse works, what kind of responsibility the nurse takes and the medication that he can be prescribed.
 I also went to home visits with the specialized nurse named Alison Ferguson who goes to patients who needs palliative care and take care of them and prescribe medication for them to manage their symptoms.
I also spent aday in Glasgow Royal Infirmary to Obsercve How Nurses prepared Oncology Patients for Surgery ,also i Observer alot of Patients In ICU.

I also practice at Queen Elizibeth University Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Children

In Stem Cell Unit and pediatric Word

I participate in morning meet in Stem Cell Unit and in Round,also i Observe the portacath insertion and the nature of nurses in this words.
Practicing in all these places encouraged me to carry all what I was taught and the experience that I gained to Palestinian cancer patients. It was a fantastic experience on so many levels culturally and professionally.

Mr Bilal Awad
Bethlehem University

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