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27 March, 2014

Bethlehem University students participate in the 16th Palestinian Universities camping  2014

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the General Administration of University Education and the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports organized the sixteenth Camp for Palestinian university students from Thursday, 27 March until Sunday, 30 March at Camp Martyr Salah Khalaf in Fara.

The camping program included workshops and training in ice breaking activities and getting to know each other and in self-knowledge and in students debate and how to search for work and how to write a resume and interview techniques and theater sketches and artistic and cultural evenings.

BU participating students said that this activity was a great one and they  benefited and enjoyed all activities in this camp.  Many thanks from the Dean of Students Office to all Faculty members who cooperated with them, and for  the  following students who represented BU in this activity:

Ibrahim Dawadeh, Issa Rashmawi, Majd Hjaij, Mostafa Kamel, Francise Lama, Mohannad Zboun, Nasser Qassa, and Ibrahim El Haj.



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