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A Glimpse Inside Bethlehem University


From: Holy Land -  2015 Pilgrimage of Mundelein Seminary
Friday, January 30, 2015

Today we had the opportunity to visit and tour the campus of Bethlehem University. As you enter the campus one immediately notices that the university stands as a beacon of hope and future for this land of Palestine. The University was founded in 1973 after the historic visit of Pope Paul VI to the Holy Land. In fact, Bethlehem University is proud to say that it is the first university established in the West Bank. This Catholic university was founded by the De La Salle Christian Brothers and they have been administering it ever since.

The population of Bethlehem University is unique. Because of cultural and social circumstances 70% of its students are Muslim and 30% are Christians. Furthermore, 75% of its student body is female, thus  leaving only 25% of the student body male. This provides an interesting feeling when one walks on campus.


One of the highlights of this visit was the opportunity to talk with five of the students. We were able to dialogue with them and ask questions ranging from what their favorite movies were to what their lives were like as students. Having the opportunity to ask them questions gave us the opportunity for us as seminarians and future pastors of souls to know some of the struggles that the future generation of this land faces.

Another of the highlights was to visit and learn the history of the glorious chapel that is the center of this campus. The Chapel is dedicated to the Divine Child of Jesus and immediately upon setting foot here one feels that this is a place of worship, a place where one can encounter the presence of God. I was very impressed by the architecture and the images that the chapel has. The images relate the history of salvation and it allows everyone who enters there to learn and know who Christ is.

Overall, this day was a blessed day. In this day we were able to encounter Christ not just in a glorious chapel but in the stories and hope of some of the students who wish to make a difference.

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