Four Bethlehem University students were featured on the front cover of the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Spring-Summer 2018 magazine. ICTP is one of the prominent scientific centers in Italy.

The students, who run a science outreach program in the West Bank called Science4People, illustrated physics through simple experiments that can be done with easily findable materials, the same presentation that they have done for hundreds of students of all ages.

The presentation also took place at the Trieste City of Knowledge center in the Trieste Central Train Station. The students participated in this venue as a result of collaboration between ICTP, the SISSA MediaLab, the Sunshine4Palestine non-governmental organization, and the Young Minds section of the European Physical Society.

Sunshine4Palestine helped a group of computer science and physics students at Bethlehem University to start the Science4People outreach program nearly a year ago. The students then started a tour of Palestinian schools, presenting to around 400 students aged 8 to 18 years old. The tour aimed to bring the power, utility, and fascination of science to students who are lacking science equipment as well as energy resources. Science4People has been receiving extra attention and care from the Faculty of Science at Bethlehem University with hopes to expand and reach even more students in the coming months and years.

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