Bethlehem University held a fundraising gala dinner on Friday, 29 November 2019, which brought together around 200 guests and dignitaries to celebrate the continued success of the University and to support the new “Georgette Salameh Center”.

Development Officer Ms. Shahinda Nassar, who served as Master of Ceremonies, welcomed the guests and acknowledged the presence of the friends and donors of Bethlehem University and their ongoing support.  

Vice Chancellor Brother Peter Bray thanked Mr. Ghassan Salameh who supported the Center in memory of his mother Georgette Salameh. Brother Peter also thanked Mr. Salameh’s family who attended the gala dinner from Nazareth. 

During the event, the Director of the Athletic Department Ms. Samar Mousa honored outstanding athletes who graduated from Bethlehem University and resumed a career in sports.

The new Georgette Salameh Center will allow Bethlehem University to greet and tell the story of the University and its students to the more than 2,500 annual pilgrims and guests who visit it. The building will provide lecture spaces, a new fitness center, outdoor and indoor gathering space, a 38 car parking area, and a bus drop off area, allowing for the continued growth of Bethlehem University as it strives to form and educate the future leaders and peacemakers of the Holy Land.

This building will be named in honor of “Georgette Salameh” who was known for her warm Palestinian hospitality and her open embrace of all visitors. No one was a stranger in Georgette’s home. She, like the new Center that will bear her name, welcomed people from around the world.

The sponsors who supported the event include Mr. Ghassan Salameh, Mr. Muhannad Subboh BU’08, and Mr. James Linton and Dr. Hildegard Emilie Charles.

The following donors generously donated gifts for the event; Tabash Souvenir Shop, Abu Aita Souvenir Shop, Hani Lama, Shadi Bahnan, Mike Rock, Juha Souvenir Shop, Oasis Hotel, Sbitany, Ghaleb Atrash Jewelry, Raed Mitri Stores, Jeries Canavati, Maher Canavati, Tech Zone, Elsa Hazboun, Beauty Net, and Al Atrash Stores.

2019-11-29 Gala Dinner