Bethlehem University News magazine – Spring 2020 is out

The Advancement Office announces the publication of the Bethlehem University News (BUN) magazine – spring 2020 issue. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the magazine is published online and will not be printed and sent by mail. In this issue of the BUN, we highlight some of the different achievements of students and our outreach to the community. The recent lockdown from the beginning of March because of Coronavirus, has been a challenge, but faculty have responded very well and students have sought to make the best of the situation. Nevertheless, it has been a challenge to continue to emphasize the building of relationships. You will also read about the University’s recent news before the lockdown, a number of activities, and feature stories. We highlight the new programs that we will offer in the next academic year. These include the new Master’s Degree in Oncology and Palliative Care, which is the first of its kind in Palestine. We feature as well our Institute for Community Partnership, which celebrates 30 years of giving to the community. We hope we will be able to mail the next issue which will also be posted online for your convenience. The Advancement Office has been producing the Bethlehem University News magazine over the past decade. To read the BUN online, please click here.