Kate Kheir, a student majoring in English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts, participated in the “Create Debate training” program. This program aimed to train Palestinian youth on the techniques and tools of public speaking, debate, mass communication, and to empower and train youth to be responsible citizens, democratic activists, and ambassadors of Palestine.

This project is organized by the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy “PIPD” and the German Institution “Stahlmedien”, in cooperation with the Palestinian Universities. It consisted of 5 workshops that started in September 2020.

Kate produced a video on supporting female participation in sports, especially Parkour, as her project calls for supporting mixed sports. The success of this project (video) depends on the number of views it will achieve in addition to other criteria. The next phase of the project will continue in November 2020.

We wish Kate all the best of luck, we are so proud of you.

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