Students Participate in Research Competition

Four Bethlehem University students are participating in a research competition held by Reform organization through the “Without Restrictions” project. The organization held three training days to help students in developing their research ideas.

The project aims to enable university students to use scientific research tools in the development of their societies. It also helps to develop students’ research and in-depth analysis skills through research papers in the political, social, and cultural fields.

Students Aseel Abu Alia and Christy Stephan are working on a research paper entitled “Towards a general policy to address the problem of solid waste in the Palestinian refugee camps: Dheisheh camp as a model”.

Aseel said that “The training was very helpful. We will start our research paper, and we will do our best to win.”

Christy added that “As Sociology students, we are prepared by our instructors at the University for such Competition, I hope we will win.”

Students Aysheh Mash’al and Reham Aseeleh are working together on a research paper entitled “Towards a general policy to provide parks and recreational spaces in the camps: Aida Refugee Camp as a model.”