New Master’s Program in Governance and Administration in the Public Sector

Bethlehem University is proud to announce the new Master’s program in Governance and Administration in the Public Sector (MGAPS) which have been accredited by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission in the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. 

Dean of the Faculty Dr. Fadi Kattan said this program is “the first of its kind in Palestine and targets administrators in government institutions and researchers interested in this field. The program will be open to applicants from all over the world.”

The Governance and Administration in the Public Sector program spans over two years and aims to provide a practice-oriented and research-based graduate educational experience that should support the development of the public sector in Palestine. This program aims to provide guidance and knowledge to current employees in the public sector and those interested in public administration which will create new human capital to build the foundations of the State of Palestine.

The program covers a wide range of topics which include economics, public policy, law, good governance, accountability for public bodies, and transparency. It also offers a range of courses that integrate theoretical foundations with practical skills. The program ends with a thesis written and discussed by each student to complete the graduation requirements. 

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