The Catholic University, Environmental Justice, and Research for a Sustainable Future

Inaugural Conference of the Catholic University Consortium

3-5 March, 2022

The University of Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway


The Catholic University Consortium invites proposals for presentation at its inaugural conference to take place 3-5 March in Rome. This conference will launch the CUC’s two-year intensive research focus on environmental justice and efforts to promote a more sustainable future.  There is a particular interest in bringing researchers together who are working on similar problems/questions from various disciplinary perspectives (e.g., the sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, and business). We welcome research on multiple scales, local, regional, or global. We also welcome community-engaged research that emphasizes the co-production of knowledge. Conference participants will share the results of completed research or progress of ongoing research, consider new research questions, reflect on the special role of a Catholic university with regard to research that promotes more sustainable practices and policies, and consider how Catholic universities might more effectively collaborate to promote greater care for all of creation.  

This conference in particular invites proposals that address these or similar questions:

  1. What are scientific, technological, cultural, economic, and political, pathways for and obstacles to promoting cleaner water, soil, air, energy?
  2. How might scientists, engineers, social scientists, and humanists, work together to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable food production and energy production?
  3. How might primary and secondary education contribute to environmental justice and a sustainable future?
  4. Regardless of discipline or field of study, what kind of new and path breaking research is called for at this moment and how might our Catholic universities contribute to such research?
  5. How might our Catholic universities more effectively work together to impact practices and policies; create a culture of care for the planet and for the poor?

Each proposal should be no longer than 700 words in length. Preference will be given to proposals that, while grounded in a particular discipline or field, speak to the importance of other disciplines.


Deadline for Proposal Submissions: October 15, 2021

Acceptance notifications will be delivered by November 1, 2021.