Bethlehem University won the Platinum Shield in the Healthy Sports Campus Competition which is organized by the Arab Universities Sports Federation (Arab USF).

The President of the Arab USF, Dr. Saeed Hamad Alhassani, congratulated the Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, Brother Peter Bray, on winning the Platinum Shield.

Dr. Alhassani’s letter read “I am pleased to extend to Your Excellency my congratulations on the acquisition of the Platinum Shield by Bethlehem University in the Healthy Sports Campus Competition held by the Arab University Sports Federation during the 2020/2021 academic year.

We praised the vital and effective role of Bethlehem University in supporting and caring for extracurricular activities as an important part of the educational process.”

Mrs. Samar Mousa, Director of the Athletics Department, said that Bethlehem University won this competition for the Walking Steps Challenge initiative which was organized by the department during the pandemic.

This is a new and distinctive initiative launched by the Arab USF for Arab Universities, which includes the integration of health and well-being in all aspects of campus culture, in order to improve the lifestyle of students and the surrounding community.

This year’s competition was entitled “Health and University Sports in Case of Emergency” and aimed at providing a healthy educational environment for the exchange of best practices and educational experiences among Arab universities that were carried out during the emergency period of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

According to the federation’s classification, the Platinum Shield award is granted to the winner of the first level of the award, the golden shield is awarded for the second level, the silver shield for the third level, and the bronze shield for the fourth level.

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