Rare Book at BU Library

This rare book written in English is entitled: “The Land Law of Palestine” and was published by Frederic M. Goadby and Moses J. Doukhan, Palestine, 1935.
In 1927 the Palestine Government commissioned to prepare a statement of the Land Law then in force in Palestine for the use of Officers engage in the work of Land Settlement. The statement then prepared for a wider circulation and copies had been made for sale, which proved useful both to practitioners and students. Circumstances appear to call for a republication of the statements in a more convenient form and this has been made possible with the consent of the government.
The authors have taken the opportunity of revising the original Statement and of adding Chapters upon the protection of agricultural, tenants expropriation, town planning, Taxation of land, etc. These are matters of interest to the students and practitioners.
A Volume of Reports under the editorship of His Honor the Chief Justice has been published and it is to be hoped that the practice of official publication once established will be maintained.
The most important of the land cases is the Volume of reports has been summarized for references in an Appendix to this book.
Readers and researchers can gain access to the publication as part of the rare books and resources in the special collections about Palestine, and the Holy Land. Besides, in order to preserve this rare book belonging to the Library’s Special Collections section, it has now been converted into digital format and can be accessed on the following link:

Thanks to Ms. Sana Salsa for assisting at the Digital Service Section (Digitization Project), and converting this book into electronic form.