The Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism at Bethlehem University has welcomed its students who participated in a training course in the city of Lourdes- Paris. The students were hosted by the municipality of Lourdes through the twinning program between Bethlehem City and Lourdes. This training course lasted for two months during their summer vacation; it included training in several hotels in the city of Lourdes.

It was a very extraordinary experience for our students who had the chance to get to know new people from a different culture. It helped our students to develop their skills in the field of hospitality. It also gave them a chance to improve their French skills, as well as their confidence in speaking French. Through this experience, students learnt to develop soft skills, the ability to interact with different cultures, and build self-confidence to take on challenges.

It is noteworthy that this is the second time that the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism sends students for training in the city of Lourdes, where they share the same type of tourism as in Palestine. This experience allows them to gain new skills that are applicable in their hometown. 

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