On Wednesday, 30 November 2022 a class from the Wadi Al Akhdar school in Wad Fukin visited BU library. Ms. Elizabeth and the Turathuna Team welcomed them. Ms. Mirna explained about the procedures at the library and how it functions. Ms. Morcos welcomed them in the George Nasra Center, she explained to them about the heritage items, the missiles that hit BU in 2002, the soldiers that were on campus in 2002, and that the Brothers who ran the university were not allowed to go to their offices unless they got permission from an Israeli Sergeant. Mary showed them a book titled “All that Remains”, by Rashid el-Khalidi, that talks about the Palestinian villages occupied and depopulated by Israel in 1948. She explained that Israel does not differentiate between Muslims and Christians. Mary told the visitors that there are two Christian refugees in the library: Valerie from Ein Karem, and Marie Claire from El-Bakaa in Jerusalem. Both have houses where their family used to live. Mary added that Israel had put its hands on 80 dunums which belonged to her grandfather in Bethlehem.
Then the students watched two short films, one about old Bethlehem and the other about the depopulated village of Lifta. Then the team took them around BU campus. The students enjoyed their visit and showed their appreciation.
The library staff are grateful to the Wadi Al Akhdar school for making this visit possible.

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