Faculty Member Participates in “TESOL PALESTINE” Conference

Layth Awwad, an alumnus of Bethlehem University’s class of 2017 and faculty member in the English Department, presented his ongoing study at the “TESOL PALESTINE: Meeting the Challenges of Today’s Classroom” conference held at An-Najah National University on Sunday, 28 May 2023.

In a collaborative effort, Layth Awwad joined forces with Bayan Natsheh, M.A. from Palestine Polytechnic University and Yousef Abu Zaid, M.A. from An-Najah National University to deliver a session titled “Innovative English Pedagogy and Identity Expression in Palestinian Higher Education.” This engaging 45-minute presentation aimed to explore various ongoing studies that shed light on innovative pedagogical approaches specifically within the Palestinian context.

The session abstract provided an overview of three ongoing studies that explore innovative pedagogical approaches to enhance language acquisition and expression of identity among Palestinian students in higher education. These studies focused on three key areas: the impact of InstaPoetry on English pedagogy, vocabulary acquisition within the Palestinian context, and the utilization of forum theatre as a means to express identity. The implications of these studies extended not only to educators in Palestine but also resonated with educators worldwide.

Layth Awwad’s contribution to the conference was invaluable as he presented his ongoing study titled “Poetic Unmasking: Examining the Influence of Insta-Poetry on English Pedagogy in Palestine.” Through extensive research, Layth explored the ways in which InstaPoetry, a popular form of modern poetry, can be effectively incorporated into English language instruction within the Palestinian higher education context. Layth’s study aimed to uncover the potential benefits, challenges, and implications of integrating InstaPoetry into the classroom environment. His findings provided crucial insights and recommendations for educators seeking innovative approaches to enhance English language teaching.

Layth Awwad’s active participation in the “TESOL PALESTINE: Meeting the Challenges of Today’s Classroom” conference exemplified the unwavering dedication of the English Department at Bethlehem University to advancing English pedagogy and fostering identity expression among Palestinian students.