Global Universities Stand with Palestine: Bethlehem University Recognizes International Support Amid Gaza Turmoil


From: Palestine News Network PNN

Bethlehem / PNN / 

The Student Affairs Deanship at Bethlehem University organized on Thursday, May 16, 2024, a student activity of appreciation and gratitude for university students who stand in solidarity with Palestine around the world.

The activity, held in the main theater of the university, was opened with the Palestinian national anthem and a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, followed by a welcoming speech delivered by Father Dr. Iyad Al-Tawil, the Executive Deputy to the President of the University. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of what is happening in many universities around the world.

Al-Tawil stated that a rescue plan for higher education in the Gaza Strip has been approved to help provide space for Gaza students to continue their education as visiting students at Palestinian universities. This came during a meeting held about a month ago for the presidents of Palestinian universities via Zoom technology.

Al-Tawil thanked the Student Affairs Deanship and all those involved in this activity, which was overseen by Mary Qamseya, the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at the university.

The main speaker at the event, Reverend Dr. Monther Issac, stated that what is happening in the Gaza Strip reveals the hypocrisy of the world, which, as he put it, calls itself the civilized world that glorifies international treaties and human rights while remaining silent about the deaths of children and the immense destruction in Palestine. At the same time, the resilience, steadfastness, legitimacy, and justice of the Palestinian cause have been underscored before the world.

Issac further affirmed in his speech that what is happening in Gaza is not a new catastrophe, but rather the same colonial occupation that began in Palestine 76 years ago. In concluding his speech, Issac called on students to unity, adherence to principles, and complete boycott of Israel while raising their voices in rejection of what is happening in the Gaza Strip.

Issac also expressed gratitude to the Republic of South Africa for all they have done for Palestine and the Palestinian cause, particularly for the case they raised in the International Court of Justice to stop the genocide in Gaza.

This was followed by a performance by the Diyar Group, which addressed the issue of Palestinian children detained in Israeli prisons with the aim of shedding light on their daily suffering. Videos were then shown about the solidarity activities carried out by students in many universities around the world.

On his part, the President of the Student Union Council, Mu’tasem Abu Ghalioun, stated in his speech that justice will prevail and injustice will disappear no matter how long it takes. He stated that Gaza will remain a symbol of dignity and pride.

Abu Ghalioun also expressed, on behalf of the Student Council and the students of Bethlehem University, gratitude to all the students and academics who stand in solidarity with Palestine and the Palestinian people around the world, who expressed their rejection of the genocide war and turned graduation celebrations into beacons of solidarity with the Palestinian people, forming a political situation similar to what happened against the Vietnam War in 1968, which contributed to ending the war in Vietnam.

In her message, student Natal Novell addressed students who stand in solidarity with Palestine and the Palestinian people in various universities around the world in English, thanking them for their solidarity and their challenge to the authorities that arrest them, beat them, deprive them of scholarships, and suspend them from studying.

The event concluded with a tour of various stations set up by student groups at the university, which included posters and slogans calling for an end to the genocide war, along with photos from the Gaza Strip documenting what is happening there.