Student Activity on “Reading Skills” in Zbierski Library

On Thursday, 30 May 2024, the Zbierski Library hosted a highly motivating student activity on “Reading Skills” at the library building.

Library Director, Ms. Elizabeth D’souza welcomed the students and thanked them for participating and introduced and thanked Ms. Islam Abueram expressing her appreciation for organizing the activity. Miral Khoury, Library Staff for Digital and Journal Services, gave some welcoming remarks in Arabic.

Abueranm emphasized that reading is not just about understanding words on a page; it’s about engaging with the text and thinking critically. She writes her own articles and publishes them in specific journals. She said that her father had a big library and she started to love to read regularly at the age of 13.

Around 18 students participated and had a very interactive exchange with questions and answers.

Library Director Ms. Elizabeth expressed her gratitude to all students and to Islam for her enthusiastic participation in the activity.