Prof. Mazin & Jessie Qumsiyeh visit to Australia and New Zealand

Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, Director of Cytogenetic Services and Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability (PIBS), and his wife Jessie recently returned from a 53-day advocacy tour across 17 cities in Australia and New Zealand (Aotearoa). Among their goals, the trip aimed to secure long-term support for Palestine, Bethlehem University, and the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability

The tour encompassed a remarkable 212 events. Professor Qumsiyeh engaged with a diverse audience, including students, scientists, indigenous communities (Aboriginal and Maori), religious leaders, environmental groups, cultural institutions, and government officials across both countries. This intensive schedule – averaging four events per day – resulted in reaching a significant audience of over 22,000 individuals. Additionally, the tour yielded over 3,400 new email contacts, expanding PIBS’s global network.

Professor Qumsiyeh emphasized the urgency of addressing the situation in Palestine, where ongoing genocide and ecocide threaten to escalate into a regional war with potentially catastrophic global war. He also highlighted the critical need for global action on climate change and other environmental challenges facing our planet.

He also highlighted the ten-year anniversary of PIBS:

and this booklet :

Below is a recording of an event with Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa: