Field Work at Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability

The Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability organizes field trips that are instrumental in documenting and studying Palestine’s floral and faunal biodiversity, conducting research, publishing scientific papers, and implementing conservation measures. These excursions not only deepen participants’ and local communities’ appreciation for Palestine’s natural heritage but also contribute valuable data to global and local biodiversity databases.

Last week, PIBS embarked on a series of productive field trips:

  • Wadi Al Malaha Protected Area: The team spent a night (Saturday to Sunday) in the northern Jordan Valley, specifically the Wadi Al Malaha protected area. They utilized night cameras and echolocators to study nocturnal wildlife, with a focus on bats and other species. Additionally, they documented the area’s diverse flora and fauna during the day.
  • Mar Saba: Research activities continued on Monday night at Mar Saba, further enriching PIBS’s comprehensive study of Palestine’s ecological landscape.
  • Battir: The final field trip took place on Thursday night in Battir, serving the same research goals as the previous excursions.