Summer Camp Visits to Palestine Museum of Natural History

The Palestine Museum of Natural History hosted over 250 children from four different summer camp groups last week. During their visit, the children participated in a variety of activities, including guided tours of PMNH’s natural history and ethnography exhibits, as well as explorations of the botanical garden.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, discovering new information and encountering a diverse range of animals. They observed preserved specimens, including taxidermied animals in the museum’s exhibits, as well as live creatures within the botanical garden. Highlights of their visit included seeing a fox and two hyenas in the museum’s animal rehabilitation unit. Some groups also took part in creative activities, such as crafting birdhouses from recycled carton boxes, complete with bird food and water containers.

These experiences were designed to deepen the children’s appreciation of Palestine’s natural heritage and encourage them to care for the environment. By offering hands-on learning and direct interactions with wildlife, the museum aims to inspire a lifelong commitment to conservation among its young visitors, promoting positive behavior towards the environment.