Bethlehem University Officials tell Vatican Radio about students’ challenges

Brother Hernan Santos, Vice Chancellor, Father Iyad Twal, Executive Vice President, Dr. Iman Saca, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Sister Corazon Hino, Interim Vice President for Finance and Estates
(remotely), Brother Jack Curran, Vice President for Development, and Naji Al Sleibi, Director of Institutional Affairs participated in the Bethlehem University International Board of Regents meetings that were held in Rome last week of June 2024. Brother Hernan and Brother Jack were also interviewed by Vatican News while in Rome. In his interview, Brother Hernan (in Spanish) shares his insights on the situation of the University community and emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of peace. Meanwhile, Brother Jack (in English) discusses the “extraordinary” difficulties resulting from
the war in Gaza. Both interviews highlighted the heroic efforts of the University’s faculty and staff in keeping focus on the students and their academic pursuits and personal well-being.