Research, Education and Conservation at Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability

The Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability (PIBS) has achieved significant milestones across its three core areas: research, education, and conservation, over the past week.

Research: Researchers from PIBS undertook two overnight field trips to document regional biodiversity. The first trip focused on Wadi Qana-Salfit and Marj Sanour-Jenin, while the second explored the Northern Jordan Valley. These expeditions documented nocturnal bat species using echolocation techniques, rare aquatic plants, and local bird populations.

Education: PIBS directly engaged with over 250 students through a variety of educational activities. They hosted 210 children from Aida Youth Center and 23 from the “Little Hands Club” summer camps. The students explored the natural history exhibits and botanical garden at the Palestine Museum of Natural History (PMNH). Additionally, the Cremisan project guided 25 children through the local forest to learn about its flora and fauna, followed by a hands-on recycling craft activity. Aligning with Plastic Free July, PIBS’ ongoing weekly educational program engaged 15 children in activities such as crafting with recycled plastic bottles and bags.

Conservation: PIBS organized a taxidermy workshop led by Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh. The workshop involved institute staff, local volunteers, and international participants. The specimens created will be showcased in both current and future exhibitions, aiming to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote the conservation of regional flora and fauna.