Bethlehem University Hosts Annual Career Day

Bethlehem University’s Dean of Student Affairs organized the annual Career Day on Tuesday, 9 July 2024, in the university’s auditorium. The event was generously funded by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem- Canada Toronto Lieutenancy.

The event attracted more than 40 companies and institutions from across the West Bank, representing a diverse range of fields including business administration, hospitality and tourism, information technology, nursing, and health sciences.

The Career Day commenced with the Palestinian national anthem followed by a moment of silence to honor the martyrs of the homeland.  

Dr. Muhammad Awad, Dean of Student Affairs, delivered a welcoming address, emphasizing Bethlehem University’s commitment to organizing the annual Career Day amidst the current political and economic challenges facing the country. He expressed his gratitude to the employers, companies, and institutions for their continuous participation in the Career Day and their dedication to hiring a significant number of the university’s students and graduates.

Representatives from the participating companies and institutions conducted interviews with prospective graduates and university alumni. The event attracted approximately 300 students and graduates from various disciplines, providing them with an opportunity to explore potential employment opportunities and connect with potential employers.

Bethlehem University is dedicated to organizing the annual Career Day to facilitate employment opportunities for its graduates and maintain a constructive relationship with the local community. The university has been organizing this event since the early 1990s, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to supporting its students and alumni in their career endeavors.