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Learning and Community Engagement


The Center aspires to meet the needs of faculty members by creating a supportive environment for professional development.

Student Debate


The Center aspires to meet the needs of faculty members by creating a supportive environment for professional development.

Production of Year 2014


Using occupational therapy activities with disabled clients

استخدام أنشطة ترفيهية مع نزلاء ذوى اعاقة حركية

07:56 min. 2014

The aim of this video is to help Occupational Therapy students to learn about the role of social activities in enhancing the group dynamics among disabled clients.

Dissecting a rabbit (Oryctolagus Cuniculus) 

تشريح الأرنب

05:04min. 2014

This video illustrates the dissection of a rabbit )Oryctolagus Cuniculus( as a model of a mammalian animal to demonstrate the biological systems in mammals. It helps biology students learn about the characteristics of mammals.


Isolation and purification of nucleic acids

عزل وتنقية الأحماض النووية

10:53 min. 2014

This video illustrates the use of a simple method (cellulose chromatography or CF-11) for the purpose of the isolation and purification of nucleic acids such as DNA and viral dsRNA from different hosts such as fungi, plants and animals. 


What is Piaget’s concept of “conservation”

ما المقصود بمفهوم "الاحتفاظ" لدى بياجيه؟

05:40 min. 2014

This video shows interactive situations with children of different age groups in order to understand the concept of conservation in quality and quantity according to Piaget’s theory.


Therapeutic group intervention

التدخل العلاجي من خلال العمل الجماعي

12:11 min. 2014

In this video you will watch occupational therapists engaging in group work activities with children with sensory-motor disabilities that aim to improve their participation and develop their sensory-motor abilities.


Room services

خدمات الغرف

3:15 min. 2014

This video helps staff in hotel management to learn about the professional steps for offering a room service to a guest.


Occupational therapy group work in a psychiatric setting

استخدام العمل الجماعي في العلاج الوظيفي في مستشفى للأمراض النفسية

09:07 min. 2014

This video shows the use of group work with clients in a Psychiatric Hospital with suffer from poor communication skills due to institutionalization and negative symptoms associated with certain mental illnesses. The video shows occupational therapy students using meaningful activities to encourage expression and interaction.



Introducing a new topic to students

عرض موضوع جديد للطلبة 



06:17 min. 2014

This video provides an example of the different techniques to be used when a teacher introduces a new topic to school students. The pre-service teacher uses artistic work to help her colleagues learn about the new topic. The video ends with questions about effectiveness of this technique.


Procedures for equivalence in translation

خطوات في الترجمة المتقابلة

03:38 min. 2014

In this video a pre-service teacher uses specific skills to introduce “Translation Equivalence” to students. The video is a useful resource for teachers to reflect on the effectiveness of these procedures.



 السرقة العلمية

 04:14 min. 2014

This animation video presents the principles that a teacher should consider when guiding students on plagiarism and academic writing.



Principles of group work 

 أسس عمل المجموعات

08:27 min. 2014

This animation video focuses on the  principles of effective group work through presenting some of the challenges that university students face when preparing an academic report.


What to learn from children’s drawings?

 ماذا يمكننا أن نتعلم من رسومات الاطفال؟

3:25 min. 2014

This video shows issues that adults can learn about children’s mental development while faces and bodies.


The role of illustrated books in enhancing academic readiness

 الكتب المصورة في دعم الاستعداد الأكاديمي

05:04 min. 2014

This video shows the importance of observing children in situations of engagement with books in order to help them develop the basic skills for the reading and writing process.



Learning through free play

 التعلم من خلال اللعب الحر


04:06 min. 2014

This video shows the role of adults at supporting children’s learning during their interaction while playing with water. The video shows the stages of intervention to enhance learning.


Vocational training program in Hotel Management

 برنامج التدريب المهني في ادارة الفنادق

6:58 min. 2014

This video is about a new vocational training program that the Institute of Hotel Management will offer to practitioners in the field of hotel management and tourism. The video presents the philosophy of the program and its activities.



Check in

 حجز الغرف

5:30 min. 2014

This video is about the checking in procedures and the role of the receptionist


Hotel reservation

 الحجوزات الفندقية

5:00 min. 2014

This 5-minute video covering Hotel reservations  is intended to equip practitioners, in-house hotel receptionists and new comers to the hospitality industry with an understanding of the key principles of handling hotel reservations.



Interviewing skills


مهارات المقابلة

6:30 min. 2014

This video presents a job interview between a staff and a candidate and the challenges that an interviewer and interviewee face in the process.