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Insitute For Community Partnership


The Institute for Community Partnerships (ICP) contributes to the continuous development of the Palestinian human capital on a national level through our philosophy that human capital is the most valuable asset of any organization and society.

ICP aims to empower individuals and all sorts of organizations—public, private, and nonprofit—by partnering with beneficiaries and stakeholders through providing innovative, community-driven, and impact-oriented developmental interventions that unlock competencies, and improve skills, attitudes, and knowledge resulting in sustainable impact. As part of Bethlehem University, ICP shares the University’s vision, values, and social responsibilities to continuously provide quality educational and developmental programs.


ICP aspires to be a national and regional center of excellence of Bethlehem University that provides equitable access for the Palestinian community to quality education, sustainable developmental interventions, and trainings in a variety of fields, so that the community might realize its full potential to live productive and socially, economically, and politically active lives and contribute to a prosperous and democratic Palestine.

Mr. Moussa Rabadi 
Tel: 2770936, ext. 2111

Mr. Nibal Nasser
Deputy Director
Tel: 2770936, ext. 2101

Ms. Louba Zeidan
Project Assistrant
Tel: 2770936, ext. 2100


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