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Fair Trade Labeling Organization (FLO) Certification

The FLO Certificate is issued by the Fair Trade Labeling Organization in Germany, certifying that the holder organization abides by the principles of fair trade and is entitled to sell the product of its members in the fair trade market. FLO certified organizations can also enjoy other benefits offered by Fair Trade.

Fair Trade Market

The fair trade market is a growing global market comprising large number of consumers in Europe, USA, Canada, and Japan. “Fair Consumers” are willing to pay a fair price for the “fairly produced” products to compensate small-scale producer and farmers for their products.

Benefits of Fair Trade Certification

In addition to the fair price and improved livelihood, fair trade certification puts the certified organizations on a development track. The requirements of FLO certification gradually increase to transform the certified organization from random unplanned work to more organized, democratic, and planned work that will contribute to the development of the organization. Fair trade benefits also include social responsibility, environment friendly practices, gender equity, capacity building, and fair treatment of hired labor.

Fair price

The price paid for the fairly produced products is also fair. The fair price covers the cost of production in addition to a sound profit rate that enables the producers and farmers to improve their livelihoods. The fair price also leaves a small allowance for community development, the fair trade premium. The fair trade premium is a collective ownership and should be used for collective objectives for the organization and/or the community upon the consent of the members of the organization.

Certifiable Organizations

Accredited, democratically managed, and collectively owned organizations are FLO certifiable. In Palestine, this refers to agricultural cooperatives, which are certified by the Ministry of Labor. Companies buying the products of the FLO certified cooperatives for the purpose of export are also certifiable.


Want to Certify?

Fair Trade Development Center leads FLO certification support and preparations in Palestine.

Institute for Market ecology

The Institute for Market ecology (IMO) is one of the first and most renowned international agencies for inspection, certification, and quality assurance of eco-friendly products. Their worldwide activities are accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) according to EN 45011 (ISO 65), which is the international standard for certification. IMO offers certification for organic production and handling according the EU Regulation (EC) N° 834/2007 and (EC) N° 889/2008. In addition, the USDA has accredited IMO for organic certification according to the American National Organic Program (NOP). Recently, IMO received the reaccreditation by MAFF and offer certification according to the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) for the Japanese market.

For more than 20 years, IMO has been active in the field of organic certification but it is also expert in the sectors of natural textiles, sustainable forestry, and social accountability monitoring.

IMO Certification

IMO certificate is a documented declaration by the Institute for Market ecology that the holder produces organic products according to internationally accepted standards and is entitled to be sold at the preferred price of the organically produced products.

Certifiable Organizations

Individual farmers, informal farmers’ groups, and farmers’ cooperatives are certifiable. Certifiable farmers and producer should not use chemical materials such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides in their agricultural practices and should resort to natural alternatives.

Management of IMO Certification

IMO-certified practitioners are requested to effectively manage their organic project through documenting their managerial and agricultural practices and naming the board responsible for the organic project.

Benefits of Organic Certification

In addition to the preferred price of the organic certified products, farmers can contribute to eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals, environment preservation, eliminating pollution of ground water resources and wild life preservation.

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