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ICP has diverse and extensive experience in conducting research and providing consultancy interventions at the sector and organizational levels. Research at ICP employs a wide variety of tools such as literature review, surveys, focus groups, as well as interviews. Data analysis is made using advanced statistical programs such as SPSS. A team of experts undertakes the design and reporting of research in the areas of concern, as well as in statistical analysis.

In terms of research, ICP has been involved in several projects to include among others the following: Mapping of Mainstream Civil Society Organizations in Palestine (UNESCO), Institutional Evaluation of Bethlehem University (the European University Association), Market-Testing for Several Drama Series (Ma’an Network), Profile of Palestinian SMEs (Small Enterprise Center – GTZ).

In 2010, the ICP was contracted by the Coordinating Catholic Aid Organization - CCAO to conduct a research titled Christians of the Holy Land to identify the needs of the Christian communities in West Bank and Gaza for the purpose of designing the appropriate strategy to meet these needs. Data were collected through focus groups and interviews with leading Christian personalities.

For consulting assignments, ICP uses diversified tools to achieve impact-based consultancy. Frequent meetings are conducted with the client to find the proper approach to achieve objectives and tasks as identified in the terms of reference. Depending on the TOR, activities may include collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative information through surveys, focus groups, and interviews; review of organizational systems and processes; review of relevant documents (project objectives, action plans, etc.); identifying organizational gaps; implementation of change process; and assessment of impact.

Our services ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the process and follow a participatory approach in setting intervention goals and achieving them.

Such services include the following: