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External Academic Relations 

My Scientific Visit to Lund UniversityDepartment of Arabic Language /Dr. Zein al-Abdeen al-Awawdeh

April 2014

My scientific visit to Lund University in Sweden is performed in the context of theagreement signed between the Department of Arabic Language at BethlehemUniversity and the Center for Languages and Literature at the mentioned SwedishUniversity. I acquainted myself with the lecturing of those students, who joined theBachelor (BA) and Master (MA) courses in Arabic language and its literaturethere. I received a good reception and a cordial welcoming by my receptionists,who are my honorable colleague, Prof. Dr. Henry Diab, his esteemed colleagues,as well as the female and male students at the Center for Languages. Add theretomy students whom I lectured on topics in the theory of the Arab literature ingeneral and the Palestinian literature in particular over three weeks of hard workand high professionalism. 


Fulbright Distinguished Award - 2015

Name: Marna Wolak