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The Palestinian Union of Social Workers and Psychologist Holds Meeting with Bethlehem University




From: Palestine News Network


Details Published on Monday, 27 January 2014 08:36



The Palestinian Union of Social Workers and Psychologists (PUSWP) held a meeting with Bethlehem University in the presence of the PUSWP's secretary Raed Amira, a number of the administrative board, members of the national conference, members of the PUSWP Hunaida Saeed, Fayez al-Khmour, Mohammad al-Qaisi, and the coordinator of the PUSWP Ahmad al-Sabah, PUSWP said in a press release Sunday.


The Executive Vice President of Bethlehem University, Dr. Michael Sansour and Career Guidance Coordinator Saher Kheir also attended the meeting. Raed Amira talked about the PUSWP and the main challenges that the PUSWP faces. He also briefed the attendants about the latest developments of the PUSWP.


Dr. Michael Sansour spoke about the emerging cooperation between Bethlehem University and the PUSWP and talked about the prominent role of the PUSWP in developing and supporting the graduates of Bethlehem University.


Both parties agreed to write a draft of common understanding between both sides in general, and regarding the professional support, and recruitment. They agreed to do and arrange several workshops for Bethlehem University graduates in order to introduce them to the Palestinian labor market, and to evaluate the graduates' needs. Afterwards, any needed workshops and training will be arranged and held. At the end of the meeting, Raed Amira handed a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Michael Sansour and to Saher Kheir.

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