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21 November 2017

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In this issue:

From the Communications Office

We would like to bring to your attention items about Bethlehem University that have appeared in the news recently. They have been uploaded to our website. Please follow the links below if you're interested in reading them.

المطران حنا: القدس عاصمتنا الروحية والوطنية - راديو بيت لحم 2000

المطران عطالله حنا: القدس عاصمتنا الروحية والوطنية - دنيا الوطن

ورشة عمل في جامعة بيت لحم بعنوان برنامج البحث والتعليم المشترك - جريدة القدس

جامعة بيت لحم تحتضن اليوم الثاني لورشة العمل التعاونية الثانية - وكالة معا الاخبارية

جامعة بيت لحم تحتضن ورشة عمل أكاديمية فلسطين للعلوم والتكنولوجيا - دنيا الوطن 

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From the Institute for Community Partnership (ICP)

Under the patronage of His Excellency
The Minister of Local Government Dr. Hussein Al - Aaraj

Bethlehem University / Institute for Community Partnership and
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung invite you to attend the conference:

Palestinian Local Council Elections
Analytical Perspectives of Achievements and Challenges

Wednesday 22nd of November, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.
Bethlehem University, Bethlehem

RSVP to:, or by tel.: 2741241 (Ext: 2104)

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From the Faculty of Education

In collaboration with Bait Byout Organization and the Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development (REFORM); the Faculty of Education organized an Educational LARP Festival entitled “Educational games for good and effective citizenship” on Thursday, 16 and Friday, 17 November 2017. 40 teachers from governmental schools and 80 students from Bethlehem governmental and private schools participated in the festival. It included a game for children, a workshop about “Transforming Curriculum into Educational Games” and two lectures entitled “Why LARP Games are Important in Education” and “Preparation of Creative Posters”. There were also various games and activities.

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From the Dean of Research Office

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From the Dean of Students Office

“Zeyara” Program

Bethlehem University students participated in “Zeyara program” on Monday, 13 November 2017 in Nablus. The event was organized by the Department of Student Activities of the Ministry of Higher Education and in cooperation with the Dean of Students of all Palestinian Universities to commemorate the centennial of the birth of the Palestinian poet Fadwa Toukan.

The program included meeting with the Governor, the Mayor and the Director of Education in Nablus city. The group visited Toukan family's house and was introduced to the history of the Palestinian poets, Ibrahim and Fadwa Toukan. They also visited the Turkish Hammam and the soap factory.
The Dean of Students would like to thank BU students who participated: Esra’ Ebaidallah, Ahmad Badawi, Ahmad Jubran, Marwa Assaf, Raghad Ayyash and Khalil Mar’i.

Debate Training

Bethlehem University students participated in the debate training on Sunday, 19 November 2017. The training was organized by Afkar organization for Educational and Cultural Development in cooperation with the Dean of Students of the Palestinian Universities. This training was to prepare for the Palestinian National debate that will be held on Saturday 02 December 2017 at Al Quds University.
Students representing Bethlehem university are: Ala’ Hamida, Khalid Hashlamoun and Abd Al Majeed Ramadan.

We wish our team all the success and best of luck.

Yasser Arafat Annual Memorial Service

Student Senate under the supervision of the Dean of Students organized the annual memorial service for the late leader Yasser Arafat on Thursday, 16 November 2017. A huge Palestinian flag was displayed while playing the Palestinian national anthem. The celebration included adding a monument to the Martyrs' monument site, a speech by PLO central committee member Mr. Abbas Zaki, in addition to Dabka and music.

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