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Communications Office

12 March 2018

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In this issue:

From the Communications Office

We would like to bring to your attention items about Bethlehem University that have appeared in the news recently. They have been uploaded to our website. Please follow the links below if you're interested in reading them.

“Across the Divide” Screening Closes Out Bethlehem Exhibition - The Quadrangle

تقديم المجلد الرابع لكتب الأب رفيق خوري تحت عنوان فلسطين في القلب - إعلام من أجل الإنسان

تقديم المجلد الرابع لكتب الأب رفيق خوري تحت عنوان “فلسطين في القلب” في جامعة بيت لحم - بطركية القدس للاتين

يوم دراسي حول حق المواطن الفلسطيني في الصحة العامة في جامعة بيت لحم - راديو بيت لحم 2000

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From the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences

  • As part of the Faculty exchange program, Dean Mariam Awad hosted fourth year students from Denmark and nurses from Action Aid, Palestine. An overview and history of the faculty was presented together with information concerning health in Palestine. A tour of the simulation laboratory was given by Dr. Hanan Hazboun. Nursing students, Hind Khair and Leen Hamati, discussed their professions and the challenges faced. The discussion included a question and answer session.
  • Faculty of Nursing organized a two-day training workshop for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on Monday and Tuesday February 26th and 27th, in room ICP2. This training targeted second year nursing students who are enrolled in the medical surgical nursing courses, the RN students, and third year midwifery students who are enrolled in the advance medical surgical nursing course. It included both theoretical and practical sessions. At the end, a post test in the theoretical component and a practical test for each student were conducted. This workshop was organized by Ms. Etaf Maqboulm, Ms. Amal Abu Nijmeh and Mr. Naji Abu Ali. All of the clinical instructors who supervise the students participated in this training (Wafa Salman, Ahmad Isbetan, Fadwa Al-Mu’ti, Abdallah Halahleh, Zaher Hodrob, Riham Melhem, Ibrahim Helweh, Hani Ikhlawi and Mohamad Thawabteh).

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From the Dean of Research Office

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From the Dean of Students Office

Debate Training Workshop

In cooperation with the Dean of Students and the Student Senate, Afkar for Educational and Cultural Development is organizing two debate training workshops to target student senate members and the different students' parties. The workshops will take place on Saturdays, 24 and 31 March 2018. They aim to raise the level of debate and dialogue among university students and different student groups.

International Women's Day

The Student Senate, under the supervision of the Dean of Students and in cooperation with the Palestinian Inma’ Center, organized an event entitle “Palestinian Woman” for the International Women's Day. The event included various hand made products that were made by women from different places in Bethlehem area.

“Jerusalem Between the Past and the Present”

The Student Activities Department at the Ministry of Higher Education is organizing a cultural competition entitled “Jerusalem between the past and the present” in partnership with the Dean of Students in all Palestinian universities and the Palestinian Vision organization. The competition will be held today Monday, 12 March 2018, at Al-Istiqlal University in Jericho.

The following students will represent Bethlehem University; Ahmad Abu Monshar, Osama Awwad, Mariam Atwan and Hayat Fatafteh. We wish them all the best in this competition.

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From the External Academic Relations Office

We would like to draw your attention to the "latest announcements" listed for this week. They can be found under the External Academic Relations Office heading at the following link: : Click here for more information.

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