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Office of Human Resources & Administrative Affairs


Assistant Academic Vice President for Learning and Teaching


Second Announcement


 An oasis of peace, a beacon of hope and provider of quality higher education. Do you want to help promote this? Bethlehem University is a Catholic co-educational institution in the Lasallian tradition whose mission is to provide quality higher education to the people of Palestine and to serve them in its role as a center for the advancement, sharing and use of knowledge.  The University fosters shared values, moral principles and dedication to serving the common good.


Position Overview

 The Assistant Academic Vice President for Learning and Teaching, a newly developed job role, will work in conjunction with and report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  The key responsibility of the Assistant Vice President for Learning and Teaching will be to provide guidance, advice and support to teachers and also to senior staff (including Deans, Chairs of Department and Directors) responsible for the strategic planning, development, and assessment of learning and teaching in the University. This new role will include providing leadership in promoting excellence in teaching and success in learning by providing faculty and staff with research on best practices, support for curriculum development and innovation, forums for collaboration, consulting services on pedagogy and technology, workshops, seminars, and other forms of professional development.


Main tasks and responsibilities

 Develop strategies for service to and programs for teachers to enhance their skills, knowledge, and professionalism in relation to all aspects of learning and teaching in the University. 

  1. Take responsibility for the operation of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and its staff.
  2. In co-ordination with the Dean of Research, support the scholarship of learning and teaching, as well as work with and help facilitate the faculty’s expertise in and commitment to action research and the scholarship of learning and teaching, with a view to publication.      
  3. Coordinate with the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Services ways to incorporate and enhance IT in teaching and learning.
  4. In coordination with the Vice President for Human Resource and advise on the Staff Professional Development, Education and Training Program that is as equally important as that of faculty development.
  5. In conjunction with the Library Director, assume particular responsibility for ensuring the coordination of the Library as a center that supports the curriculum of Bethlehem University and its service to the wider community.

Required Education and experience

 An earned doctorate from an accredited institution. MA with significant successful teaching experience considered.

  • 7-10 years of senior level leadership and experience in higher education, ideally supporting academic development.
  • Identification with the educational mission and values of the University.
  • Knowledge of the literature on teaching and learning theory
  • Skilled at problem solving, able to handle high stress and deadlines with poise and precision, setting the example for University student and faculty behaviors.
  • Demonstrated academic leadership, excellent communication and interpersonal skills and good judgment.

 For a full job description please click here

 Expected starting date of employment:  1st September, 2017 (or immediately if available)


To apply for the Job, download and fill the Application Form, electronically and attach all required documents and submit it to Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Office.  


Applications close: Monday 23 January, 2017


Job Openings 
None at this time

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