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Institutional Research Unit

Institutional Research Links

National Statistics

  1. Higher Education Statistical Yearbook by Ministry of Education & Higher Education

    Provide statistics for about 50 Higher Education Institutions in West Bank & Gaza Strip

  2. The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics:

    A comprehensive and unified statistical system on demographic, social, economic and environmental issues in State of Palestine


Institutional Research Associations

  1. Middle East and North Africa Association for Institutional Research (MENA-AIR)

    A professional organization operating in the Middle East and North Africa that aims to assist individuals serving postsecondary education in the institutional research profession.  MENA-AIR has been a recognized Association of Institutional Research (AIR) Affiliate Group since May 2009.

  2. The Association for Institutional Research (AIR)

    The world's largest professional association of more than 4,000 institutional researchers, planners, and decision-makers from higher education institutions around the world. AIR exists to benefit its members and help advance research that will improve the understanding, planning, and operation of higher education institutions.

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