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Institutional Research Unit

Palestinian Universities Comparison

Higher Education in Palestine

In State Of Palestine (Gaza Strip & West Bank) there are 52 accredited Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) which provide education for more than 216,000 students and provide jobs to almost 16,000 employees.  These Higher Education Institutions are grouped in Four Categories by Ministry of Education & Higher Education:

  1. Traditional Universities (14)
  2. University Colleges (19)
  3. Community Colleges (18)
  4. Open Education (1)

The following are rankings and comparisons of the first group of Traditional Universities:





There are 10,417 employees working in Traditional Universities and below you can find the comparison by gender and scientifc degree:


For more information and statistics about Higher Education Institutions you can see Higher Education Statistical Yearbook 2015/2016 or other years at Ministry of Education & Higher Education webpage  The Statistical Yearbooks are in both English and Arabic, the English starts from the bottom page of the PDF file.

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