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21 October 2019 

Vice Chancellor Meets Samir Aweidah

Vice Chancellor Brother Peter Bray welcomed Mr. Samir Adel Aweidah who visited campus on Monday, 21 October 2019.

Brother Peter presented to Mr. Aweidah the latest development which included the engagement of the Samir Aweidah Clinical Simulation Center with the community. 
They both visited the Cardinal Foley Hall (Nursing Building), where the Samir Aweidah Clinical Simulation Center will be moved once the building is operating in August 2020. A memorandum of understanding in which Mr. Aweidah pledged to contribute more to the project was signed. 
Mr. Aweidah expressed his admiration for the service Bethlehem University is providing to the Nursing students and the Palestinian People in general, and the commitment of the Brothers, faculty, and staff at the University. 
Mr. Aweidah contributed greatly to the establishment of the Samir Aweidah Clinical Simulation Center, the first of its kind in Palestine.  


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