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Office of the Academic Vice President

Academic Council

The Academic Council is an advisory council to the Vice Chancellor and addresses matters pertaining to all academic policies, rules, and regulations of  Bethlehem University. All approved recommendations become effective at the ratification of the Executive Council.

The Academic Council is concerned with:

  1. All academic policies of  Bethlehem University, including the policies on admission, registration, acceptance to major, graduation, student credit load, probation, dismissal, examinations, grades, honors, and library use;
  2. Proposals by faculties and/or departments for major curricula changes, new programs, or addition/deletion/modification of majors, minors, or departments and academic programs;
  3. Reviewing, on a rotating basis, academic programs with regard to their conformity to Bethlehem University objectives, policies, and procedures; the quality, integration, and effectiveness of their curricular offerings; departmental criteria and standards; academic programs’ strengths and weaknesses; future growth and development of the department and/or program; and
  4. Any other matter deemed appropriate by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Members of the Academic Council:

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dean of the Faculty of Arts
  • Dean of the Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration
  • Dean of the Faculty of Education
  • Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Dean of the Faculty of Science
  • Dean of Research
  • Director of the Institute of Hotel Management
  • Director of the Library
  • Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • Registrar
  • Dean of Students
  • All Department Chairpersons
Dr. Irene Hazou, Academic Vice President

Dr. Irene Makhoul/Hazou
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Phone:02-2741241 Ext. 2420

Dr. Muna Matar
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Phone:02-2741241 Ext. 2207

Esperansa Kattan
Ms. Esperansa Kattan

Manager of the Academic Office
Phone:02-2741241 Ext.2232

Ms. May Mubarak
Administrative Assistant 
Phone:02-2741241 Ext. 2420

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