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Office of the Registrar


1. What does P*/F*/W*/WF*/R* mean on my transcript?

A. P* is for Pass no grade points, F* is for Fail, W is for Withdraw with permission, WF is for Withdraw without permission,and R is for repeated courses.


2. What will happen if I miss my registration period and what is the late period of registration?

A. If a student misses the registration period, he/she can register during the Add/ Drop Period.


3. If I decide to leave BU, can I take my original documents from my file?

A. The original documents of the student files are not released back to the student as they are part of the student file as per the University Policy on Academic Record Retention and storage.


4. How do I know who my Academic Advisor is?

A. You may know who your Advisor is by referring to the academic portal (BUAP), or contacting the Registrar’s Office.


5. Can I change contact information (phone number, e-mail,) that I submitted when I first joined BU?

A. You may do so by contacting the office of the registrar or by filling a ticket on your account under the feedback title.


6. What shall I do if I want to register for more than 15 Credits?

A. It depends on your GPA average; if it’s 3 or above you can register for up to 18, if not you must fill out  a form signed by your Advisor to the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.


7. Do I need my Advisor’s approval to change my Major?

A. For changing your major your advisor, Chair and Dean must all approve as stated on the appropriate form.


8. How can I drop a course after the Add/Drop Period?

A. Dropping courses is not allowed after the Add/Drop Period .You may only withdraw from your course until the end of 7th week of the semester and the end of the 3 rd week of the summer semester. You can withdraw from a course on condition that the load is not below 15 Credits.


9. Can my friend pick up the letter/transcript that I have requested?

A. No, only the student himself/herself can pick up his/her letter or transcript BUT if the student is out of the country he/she can send the registrar an e-mail requesting an alternative arrangement.



Office of the Registrar

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