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Office of the Registrar

Admissions Policies and Procedures

1. When and where do you announce for the opening of admission for each scholastic year semester?

  • Upon completion of the General Secondary Education Certificate (General Certificate Examination (GCE) Tawjihi) and through the Bethlehem University website and in local newspapers.

2. What are the required credentials to be submitted with the application?

  • Two recent photos.
  • Copy of the certified Tawjihi.
  • Copy of the Identification Card (ID).
  • Copy of the high school certificate.

3. Which General Secondary Education Certificate (Tawjihi) GCE certificates are recognized by BU?

  • Palestinian Tawjihi (Arts Literary/ & Sciences Scientific) or equivalent from any Arab country.
  • High averages in Tawjihi (Commercial Branch) 75% or above only for Business administration faculty.
  • IB2, GCE, SAT I, SAT II and IGCSE upon equivalence by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
  • BEGROUT the documents below are required
  • Authenticated translation of transcript by Notary Public
  • Authentication of Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the authenticated translated document by Notary Public
  • Authentication of Palestinian Ministry of justice
  • Authentication of Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Affairs General Directorate)

4. What are the admission requirements for a student who wishes to transfer from another university to Bethlehem University?

  • Completion of 30 credit hours according toBethlehemcalculation from an accredited university.
  • Cumulative average of not less than 70%.
  • Average in GCE Tawjihi as accredited in that year.
  • Copy of official transcript of grades.
  • Accredited official course descriptions.

Once a student has completed his/her registration including payment of fees, no further changes in his/her schedule will be allowed until the Add /Drop Period.

Graduation Petitions must be signed by the offices of the Deans of Faculties, Chairpersons, and Advisors and then sent to the Finance Office, and Library before transcripts and certificates can be issued.

Issuing transcripts and letters for students is done after the student fills in the appropriate form

Office of the Registrar

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