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Bethlehem University Takes Its Message to Ireland


From: Christian Brothers Conference

November 5th, 2012


(L-R) Father Jamal Khader and Brother Peter Bray

Bethlehem University in Palestine took its message to Ireland during an October 19 visit to University College Dublin hosted by Friends of Bethlehem University in Ireland. Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor, and Father Jamal Khader, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Chair of Religious Studies, told the crowd about the occupation of Palestine and the role of Bethlehem University in the Palestinian society.

Fr. Jamal focused on the world-renowned Kairos Palestine document (2009), of which he is a co-author. Kairos Palestine serves as the Christian Palestinians’ word to the world about what is happening in Palestine. It declares that the military occupation of Palestine is a sin against God and humanity, and it calls upon the international community to stand by the Palestinian people.

Bro. Peter and Fr. Jamal described the struggles Palestinian students experience as they try to advance their education in a hostile environment. A Q&A session engaged the Irish audience to discuss ways in which they could show solidarity with their academic counterparts.

The Friends of Bethlehem University in Ireland established a foundation which will annually offer a small number of sponsored scholarships to enable Bethlehem staff members to visit an Irish university in order to establish academic links in education, research and/or student exchange.

Bro. Peter and Fr. Jamal also met with the President of Ireland during the visit.

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