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Bethlehem University Photo Competition Trip to Al-Rashayda


From: masar Ibrahim al Khalil

4 November 2014


They described the scenery as beautiful and the landscapes as diverse and unique, and that this experience was one of its kind as most of them have experienced it for the first time with Masar Ibrahim. Some linked the experience with the lives of their ancestors at times when technology had no existence and social relations were far more powerful than what they turned out to be these days.  Many of the students mentioned the excitement of walking in the wilderness and across the canyons, and even though it was tiring sometimes, still the beauty and the thriller parts were worth doing it.

There was a great focus on the part of riding the jeep cars in the deserts with the hosts of the Bedouin tent in Al-Rashayda. The students enjoyed it so much and had the time to take pictures all along the way to the tent where they met good people who showed great hospitality, generosity, and kindness. The scene of the Dead Sea from above as the students described it was awesome. The beauty of the place and its dazzling view took their breath away, and many of them said that this is the first time for them to get a chance to see the Dead Sea especially from this amazing spot.

The students showed their great support to the Masar idea of linking people with their nature, and the arrangement of the weekly walks to the different areas along Masar Ibrahim where so many of the young people and others in Palestine have no idea about their existence even though they live in the surroundings.

About the team and the supervisors, there were a lot of praise and compliments to the great work and coordination of Masar Ibrahim staff, and a great thanks to the chance they gave them in order to experience such a trip. Last and most importantly, they showed good comprehension of the lessons of the photo competition training that they took pre to the trip and said that they learned a good deal from it which helped them to use the tools and ways of photography in taking pictures during this hiking trip.

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